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From protyping to production line, we have experts that help create high-quality solutions using Flutter, Python, SQL, and much more. Our engineering team could make the difference in your product development. All our frontend application are in Flutter to increase time-to-market speed and interoperability.


Bringing technology and innovation to the patient to improve care and inventive flow. We focus on emerging technologies to build tomorrow’s solution.


Our products are developed with engineers that have real world experience. We thought that it is a huge asset to develop practical solutions and not just some theoretical one. All our projects are designed to respond the need of our optical store based in New-York.


Innovation and expertise at the service of the patient.

Doctor portal

Telemedicine / EHR


Eye exam digitalization

Data Engineering

Building a data pipeline from scratch

Mobile Point of Sale

Sales managment

Industrial App

Digitalization of glasses creation

Medical managers

Enabling medical machines connections

About Us

We create solutions that increase care while enabling store convenience by tightening the physical exam with a software enabler. The medical solution combined with our mobile point of sales and industrial app enables Heywear to provide an innovative flow allowing Heywear’s customers to do an eye exam and get Rx glasses in less than 30 minutes.


  • Aug. 2020 - Dec. 2020

    Product Design & Prototyping

    Technical exchange in order to target the minimal valuable product. Collaborative work in iteration to build the user experience.

  • Dec. 2020 - Feb. 2021

    Early Release

    Continuous delivery on the first version of the global solution.

  • Feb. 2021 - Currently

    Production & Maintenance

    Live monitoring and testing integrating user feedback.

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Arnaud Delevacques

Senior Software Engineer

Jonathan Audhasse

Senior Software Engineer

Loraine Gaultier

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Allan Mamy

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Valentin Bernu

Data Engineer

Candice Guitton

Full-Stack Software Engineer

Kaan Yagci

Senior Software Engineer

Alexandre Biancardini

Product Manager

Sophia Houriez-Gombaud-Saintonge

Director of Medical Technologies

Sami Bekrar

Lead Software Engineer

Alexandre Jais


We are all passionate about technologies and the impact they have on the world

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